Online Bibles and Research Tools


Online Bibles 

(click here for my article summarizing each historical Bible)

Research Tools

Reference and Information Management Tools

  • Mendeley – An all-in-one powerhouse for managing and organizing your research. It also allows you to collaborate with other researchers and find relevant papers.
  • Zotero – A quick way to collect, organize, and cite source materials within browser. Similiar to Mendeley but more simplified. No academic should be without it!
  • EasyBib and BibMe – Fast and easy bibliography and citation generators.
  • Evernote – A great cloud application to store your written work and access it anywhere.
  • Google Drive – Best free cloud storage option, letting you store and sync up to 15 GB. Also, if you’re still typing papers in Word, stop. Type them in Google Docs/Drive instead. That way you can save it in a variety of formats and you don’t have to worry about losing it if your computer crashes.
  • Dropbox – Like Drive but offering an easy way to send files to friends (e.g. collaborative papers and the latest Lady Gaga mp3).
  • Soda PDF – An excellent alternative to Adobe Reader/Acrobat, letting you create PDFs, edit profusely, and even read in 3D.

Art Sources

Other Recommended Sites and Blogs

Podcasts compiled by /r/AskBibleScholars

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