Bible Readings

bible readings4


Chapters 1-2: In the Beginning (click here to read!)


Chapters 3-4: The Fall of Man (click here to read!)

  • UntitledParallels:
    1. Tree of Life motif (coming nigh!)
    2. Snake guardians of Mesopotamia (coming nigh!)
    3. Man failing to obtain food of immortality (coming nigh!)
    4. Winged guardians of Mesopotamia (coming nigh!)
    5. Farmer vs. Shepard/Brother vs. brother motif (coming nigh!)
  • Deleted Scenes:
    1. Satan is the serpent, deceiving Eve a second time after the fall. (coming nigh!)
    2. Adam’s diamond (coming nigh!)
    3. Seth and Eve ventured back to the Garden to cure a deathly ill Adam with the Oil of Life (coming nigh!)
    4. Cain was conceived from Eve and the evil angel Samael (coming nigh!)
    5. Eve dreams and Cain will slaughter Abel (coming nigh!)
    6. Cain killed Abel over a woman (coming nigh!)
    7. Cain’s death (coming nigh!)
    8. The creation of centaurs (coming nigh!)
    9. Alexander the Great discovered the Gates of Eden (coming nigh!)


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